Saturday, May 16, 2015

Foiled Again - DNS

This weekend we were supposed to be in Knoxville for the Challenge Knoxville Olympic  triathlon.  I won this race back in January at the Bluegrass Tri Club kick off event.   Even though we had a terrible winter I managed to get a good training base in thanks to committing to the Shelbyville Tri Series.  It forced me to get on my trainer all winter.  Once mid March came around I was able to get some good outdoor rides in.  I was feeling strong for so early in the season.

From our last 40 Miler Ride
Then it happened.  It started out as a cold but then morphed into pneumonia.  And just like that training came to a complete halt 11 days before the big race.  I fought a fever as high as 103F for several days before the second round of antibiotics kicked in.   The next few days I was completely exhausted & had an annoying cough.  10 days in, I am feeling better but do not have enough energy to work out yet.

I am bummed but things can always be worse.  I will get over this crud soon & will be able to start training again.  Patience isn't my strong suit.

The doctor did lecture me on not using my inhalers daily.  I am so bad taking medicine if I feel OK.  The reality is I get sick every spring.  It always starts out as allergies then turns into a cold / sinus infection.  This year I was doing so good.  I didn't get sick at all this past winter so it was that much harsher when I got this doozy of an illness.  

In an effort to not repeat this next year I am going to document my spring plans here as recommended by my doctor & and on my calendar for March 1, 2016
  • QVAR - If no longer taking - restart!  Take 2 puffs 2x per day.
  • Ventolin - Take everyday.  Use prior to every workout
  • Nasal Rinse every night
  • Shower in evenings instead
  • Even if weather is awesome don't do every workout outside especially when pollen counts are high.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

2015 Heart & Sole Triathlon Race Report

About 3 weeks ago was the Heart & Sole triathlon in Versailles.  This was the 3rd year in a row competing in this race.  (2013 & 2014 race reports HERE & HERE)

This year the weather was PERFECT.  Just perfect.  It was in the mid 50s when we started & quickly warmed up to 63 for the bike & 68 for the run.  I successfully operated my fancy Garmin this time & have data - hence the exact temperatures for the bike & run.  Yay me.

Steve & I left the house shortly after 6:30AM & arrived at Falling Springs about 7AM.  The race was scheduled to start at 8AM.   These smaller races are getting to be second nature - I sleep just fine now & have very few nerves before the race.  I know Challenge Knoxville will be a completely different story.   I quickly set up my transition & then went to chat with the Smiley garage ladies.

The swim was seeded & the interval was 15 seconds which works so, so well. I seeded myself using last years swim time so I was again starting about 20 minutes back.  This week the swim was so good - not like the head on at Shelbyville #3.   I don't think I was passed or passed anyone.  Clear water the entire 400 yards.

Pre race Garmin Education

Lots of clear water!

400 yard Swim Time: 9m17s - 4/4 Age Group

Transition was quick.  From my experience last week I knew I didn't need any additional clothing for the bike and I was right.  The weather was perfect!

T1 Time: 0m54s - 1/4 Age Group

I decided I would push hard on the bike this time.  The roads were a little rough from the winter.  There were quite a few pot holes to navigate on Steele & McCracken roads.  I managed to avoid the big pot holes while maintaining a decent for me pace.  Besides that the bike was uneventful.

15 mile Bike Time: 52m30s - 17.1 mph - 2/4 Age Group

Transition 2 was no biggie either.  Quick in & out.

T2 Time: 0m41 - 1/4 Age Group

The run is a 5k cross country course.  It is tough.  I don't run cross county often so I am always a little nervous about turning an ankle like last years Dirty Dog trail run.   This year the course was well mowed & dry.  I walked a fair bit but tried to keep it to the hills only.

5K Run Time: 32m44s- 3/4 Age Group

Total Time: 1h36m09s - 3/4 Age Group

We didn't stick around after the race.  I wanted to get another 15-20 miles in for training.  Steve & I headed to West 6th to get in some Pedaling for a Purpose miles.  After our ride we refueled with a Smithtown burger & a West 6th brew.   A perfect spring day!

Now time to focus on my big spring race - Challenge Knoxville.  It's only 2 weeks away!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Shelbyville #3 Race Report

April 12th was the 3rd & final race of this 2015 series.  (Race Report #1 & #2 HERE & HERE.)

The weather was much better for this race.  It started off a bit cool but warmed up quickly.   I decided to buy a one piece kit to race in.  I bought it the day before & swam a 1650 in it but wasn't sure how it would feel on the bike or run.  I was breaking the nothing new on race day rule.  Fortunately it fit good & I had no issues with it.

We left the house around 6:40AM & made a quick stop at McD's for Steve.  We arrived in Shelbyville around 7:40AM.  For this race, 50 minutes is plenty of time for packet pick up & transition setup.  This time we parked by transition so we needed even less time to get setup.

Since the weather was looking good the turn out was even better than race #2.  The race director decided on self seeding again since it went so well last time.  Not sure if it was because more folks signed up for this one or what but the swim was a cluster!  I seeded myself around folks that said they were around 9-9:30 minutes.  I had mostly clear water until about the half way point.  I was switching lanes & pushing off but I didn't see the pack of guys coming towards me.  There must have been 4 or 5 guys right together coming into the wall.  I ended up having a skull to skull head on collision.  It was awful.  I have never experienced that before.  I have run into folks but never like that.  I popped up & then went on swimming assessing the situation as I swam.  I was even slower than normal & paranoid for the rest of the swim.   I finished the swim about 25 seconds slower than the previous race.

Swim Time: 9m44s

I took the transition pretty easy trying to determine if my collision was going to be a big deal.  I put on my cycling jacket as I jogged down to transition.  I didn't feel dizzy or anything so I figured I was good to go.   I put the cycling hood under my helmet & put on gloves.  I would later realize this was too much because the day was warming up quickly.  I think the jacket would have been fine but the hood & gloves were unnecessary.

Transition #1: 2m23s

The bike segment was 16 miles & a different route than race #2.  The first part of the ride felt hard.  Not sure if I was just dazed from the pool incident or because of the hills but I felt I was going pretty slow.  Somewhere between mile 5 & 10 I realized I messed up my watch again.  I remembered to put it in multisport mode, I remembered to start the damn thing but when I got out of the pool I hit start/stop button instead of lap & then when leaving transition I hit the same start/stop button again.  So basically, I was still in swim mode but didn't realize it until well into the bike.  Ugh.  One of these days I will get it right.    Overall, the bike course was actually a good mix of sustained climbs, rollers & a fast return.  I remember telling Steve how much I really liked the bike course.

Bike Time: 56m32s (17.0 mph)

Nothing exciting to report in T2.  I did drop the jacket since it was 54F by this point.

Transition #2: 0m49s

The 5k run was the same course as race #2 so I knew what to expect.  I felt surprising good on the run - well, as good as a run can ever feel for me.  My first mile clicked off at 9m34s which is pretty darn speedy for me.  I slowed a bit on the return due to a couple of walk breaks on the hills but overall I had almost a 3 minute improvement from race #2.

Run Time: 30m15s  - Slow close to a sub 30 minute 5K!

Total Time: 1h39m45s  - 2/3 in Age Group.

The new tri suit worked great.  It is really comfy on the bike & run.  What I really like is there is no extra fabric to move around in the swim plus it doesn't expose my belly like a two piece kit does.

George & I with our Button Hole Age Group Award

I am really glad I decided to do the Shelbyville series this year.  I am starting off the season so much stronger on the bike.  The series was very good to me.  I won some very functional awards too - a bike tool, socks & Button Hole chamois cream.

Plus for just showing up to the first race I won my age group which surprisingly qualified me for Nationals.  I received this email a couple of week ago which cracked me up.

What surprises me even more is that I am seriously considering signing up for it.  I realize there is a good chance of coming in dead last but I think the experience will be awesome.  Plus I may never, ever qualify again so why not?  Anyhoo, I have the hotel booked but will wait to see how Challenge Knoxville goes before signing up for the actual race.


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